Your assistants

Your personal assistant works from the assistant bar at the top edge of your desktop screen in the same way as the applications bar at the bottom edge of the screen.

To the left of the assistant bar are your quickies, and on the right is your assistant with her handbag. Just click once on your assistant to see how, when and at what your assistant will support you. One click on the handbag allows you to add new quick commands to the assistant bar and manage existing quickies.

If you prefer a young man with charm, a sense of humour and a six-pack to an attractive blonde gracefully looking after you, your wish is our command with James – always at your service.

One-click information

Most of the quickies link you to one of your Web-based tools. When you click on the quickie icon, you will see the information you need most frequently during your day-to-day work in the following views:

When you click on an entry, the corresponding page of the specific Web-based tool opens in your browser.


At many quickies, the information displayed can be filtered by clicking twice:

One-view alerts

A lot of quickies are able to monitor the information you display, and alert you to specific events:

The quickies also have a status display beneath the quickie icon which may be red, amber or green:

  • Red: something urgent requires your attention
  • Amber: you need to look at something important
  • Green: there is something new

The alerts save you from missing anything important and urgent among the mass of email messages sent by your Web-based tools.

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