What’s in it for you?

That depends - are you more interested in your work–life balance or your bank account?

If your work-life balance is more important to you, it’s the fun and joy that Maria and James brings to your desktop every day, the work that you will find that much easier with their support and the reduced stress level thanks to your assistant keeping a constant eye on your tasks, appointments, emails, and news for you.

If you are a tough guy, and it’s all about the money, the term ROI may be familiar. If not, you should add it to your vocabulary at once (ROI is short for ‘return on investment’). Up to one hour of working time per week saved with the help of Maria and James - half a day per month more time to work and earn money.

Let's approach it in a more structured way. These are the core areas in which we would like to support you:

  • Productivity - we support you in accessing the information you often need in your daily work with just a few clicks so that the daily search for the browser window you need in a hundred open browser windows finally comes to an end.
  • Tracking - we make sure that information that is important for your daily work reaches you promptly and that you don't notice that you have to finish an urgent to-do when you do your last check before leaving the office.
  • Joy of Life - Maria and James accompany you through the day - they greet you when you start your computer and say goodbye when you shut it down. They attend you in the Setup Wizard, the Quickie Wizard, and the Quicklet Wizard. They take their place in your assistant bar daily and are always ready to help you with your work.

Is it for you?

Maria & James helps people who spend several hours a day at their PC or notebook and regularly need to respond to messages from other people or applications to work in a more productive and relaxed way.

This short questionnaire brings the answer:

  • Do you work several hours a day on your PC or notebook?
  • Do you need to respond frequently and promptly to emails and messages from cloud applications?
  • Is your notebook or PC running Windows 10 or Windows 11?
  • Are you willing to pay Maria and James fairly? How about $1 per week?

If you answer all the questions with a yes, then Maria & James is for you!

Enjoy life!

We have excellent news for you! You will be happier at work, your blood levels will improve, you will be less stressed, and your relationships will improve. Everything will be fine! And if it's not, you just kick Maria and James out.

Of course, you can use the time you have saved thanks to your assistant’s support to work through more items on your to-do list, but I want to return to the subject of work–life balance and suggest a few alternatives for you:

Spend time with your family

Enjoy some sport

Have fun with your friends

Keep In Touch

Maria and James are still in training, but soon they will be looking for their first internships. Maybe with you? Shall we keep in touch? Then follow me on Linkedin or on Instagram, or become pen pals.