Always at your service!

Maria and James are very talented and will support you with many activities. A quick glance at your open tasks, a quick check on your calendar, a friendly hint about new emails from your team, or an energetic tap on your shoulder because a server is down.

With quickies and quicklets they will make you happy. All quickies connect with one of your desktop, server, or cloud applications. Maria and James are in constant contact with these applications. They can show you information from the applications in the quickie pop-ups, and at the same time, they monitor this information for you on their own and notify you when certain events occur.

Sounds simple? - It is!

All your quickies are neatly lined up in your personal assistant bar.

  • Quickie Icons - each of your quickies has a freely selectable icon
  • Lightning Strips - a bright and energy-saving lightning strip under each quickie icon notifies you about the connected application's important and less important events
  • Quicklets your quickies host one or more quicklets with which you can access relevant information, e.g., a quicklet with your open project tasks, a quicklet with your watchlist, and a quicklet with your recently viewed project tasks.

Task Management

With the task management quickie, you'll never lose track of your tasks again.

All your tasks are displayed in the My Tasks Quicklet. When somebody assigns a new task to you, the light bar under the Quckie icon will turn green. If it is a high-priority task, it turns red.

With the Watchlist Quicklet, you can open any task on your watchlist with two clicks in your web browser.

With the View History Quicklet, you can open your most recently viewed tasks with two clicks in your web browser.

Are you especially interested in tasks from a specific project, with a specific task type (task, bug, etc.) or a specific status (new, in progress, waiting, etc.)? No problem - with the Monitor & Notify-Quicklet, you can filter out tasks from your task list according to specific criteria.

Are you special? Are the tasks you want to view and be notified about are special? Then the Search & Notify Quicklet will serve you well. Based on filter rules, you can determine to your heart's content which tasks you like to fish out of the task pond (optimist) or task swamp (pessimist) are to be fished out.


  • My Tasks - Show your tasks
  • My Watchlist - Show your watchlist
  • View History - Show your recently viewd tasks
  • Monitor & Notify - your tasks filtered by criteria
  • Search & Notify any tasks based on filter rules


  • Red Lightning Strip: there are high priority tasks
  • Green Lightning Strip: there are new tasks

Supported Applications

  My Tasks My Watchlist View History Monitor & Notify Search & Notify
Jira (Server) X X X X X
Jira (Cloud) X X X X X
ClickUp X X X X X X X X X X

Email Management

With the email management quickie, you can pick out precisely those emails which are relevant and essential for your work, from the flood of emails that come in every day.

The Inbox Quicklet shows you all the emails in your inbox. If you receive a new email, the light strip under the quickie icon lights up green; for a new email with a high priority in red. You can open any email with one click.

With the Mail Folder Quickie, you can view any of your mail folders and open the displayed emails with one click.

Are you interested in the emails from your team or the fault messages from a monitoring system? Now it's time for the Monitor & Notify Quickie: with it, you can select emails from the flood of emails in your inbox based on specific criteria such as sender addresses and keywords in the subject line.

Looking for emails that contain specific words in the subject line, don't contain certain other words in the subject line, were sent from a specific sender, and arrived in your inbox during moon rise? Then you can use the Search & Notify Quickie to pick out the emails you're looking for based on filter rules.


  • Inbox - Show your inbox
  • Email Folder - Show an email folder
  • Monitor & Notify - your emails filtered according to criteria
  • Search & Notify your emails are based on filter rules


  • Red Lightning Strip: you have important new messages
  • Green Lightning Strip: you have new messages

Supported Applications

  Inbox Email Folder Monitor & Notify Search & Notify
Microsoft Outlook (Desktop-Anwendung) X X X X
Microsoft Office 365 X X X X
Microsoft Exchange Server X X X X
Gmail X X X X

Calendar Management

With the calendar management quickie, your daily calendar is always just a click away. You'll also get a subtle hint when your next appointment is coming up or when you are (or should be) in an appointment. You will also be notified when someone sends you a meeting request.

The Daily Calendar Quicklet shows you - what a surprise - all the appointments from today.

You need an overview of all your stand-up meetings or all meetings for a specific project? The Monitor & Notify Quickie can filter your appointments for the next few days based on subject, location and categorisation.

Do you need an overview of all appointments for several projects that are not stand-up meetings and do not take place at your place of residence? No big deal for the Search & Notify Quickie that can list the relevant appointments based on filter rules.


  • Daily Calendar - Show your daily calendar
  • Monitor & Notify - your calendar filtered by criteria
  • Search & Notify your calendar based on filter rules


  • Amber Alarm Clock: your next event is approachin
  • Green Alarm Clock: you have an event now
  • Red Lightning Strip: short term appointment request
  • Green Lightning Strip: appointment request

Supported Applications

  Daily Calendar Monitor & Notify Search & Notify
Microsoft Outlook (Desktop Application) X X X
Microsoft Office 365 X X X
Microsoft Exchange Server X X X
Google Calendar X X X

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